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2way - Soft Rock - Location: england
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60 Cycle Hum - Hard Rock - Location: Ocala, Florida

79 South - Hard Rock - Location: Wichita Falls, Texas
79 South is a small town rock band, trying to get off the ground for 8 years. with various former and one current member in the armed forces, serving in iraq, the time has come to tame the world with their own version of souped up modern southern rock.

8 Red Eyes - Hard Rock - Location: Kingsport, Tennessee
It was the Spring of 2004 and a band of seasoned musicians were searching for a new singer and a new identity. While jamming in the garage, the band began working on molding and shaping what would later become a band of brothers . Upon firing their singer, the call went out for a new frontman with fire, grace, and the balls to lead a "new" band out of the ashes of its former self. After man...

808 Studios - Pop Rock - Location: Ft. Myers, FL

80PROOF - Hard Rock - Location: Beloit Wisconsin
Two Brothers Jason Butler and Nathan Butler started playing around the local scene in WI. then picked up Bass player Jeff Tyler and Singer/cousin's boyfriend Matt Kubacki and things took off. The music spewed from them and they started doing shows again. Now getting ready for the studio they are constantly in the basement writing and recording.

9Lies - Pop Rock - Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
The debut album by 9Lies has been given a 'Fine Fine' boost by a stack of major Northern Irish and International Radio Stations! The title track 'Behind It All' was described by Downtown Ra...

9xdead - Hard Rock - Location: Caerphilly, South Wales
Meet The Dead From a land steeped in harsh industrial history and ancient myth comes a new sound, a new attitude and a new force in dark music. 9xDead with a history of growth, rebirth and reinvention spanning a decade and a sound spanning genre's 9xDead explore the depths of depravity inherent in the human soul a musical mirror to the blackened hearts of the musicians within. From their ...

@DDICT - Rock - Location: Cornwall, United Kingdom.
All members are in other gigging bands too, but got together to do this project..Primarily for recording but we have gigged too. We had the idea of blending pretty heavy guitars and female vocals long before Evanescence but I don't think we sound like them anyway, so hopefully not too many comparisons will be drawn!! Due to university commitments we are now looking for a vocalist so please get ...

A Band Named Billy - Rock

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