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@M'House - House - Location: Strasbourg (France)
The French HardHouse Touch'House

Airo - House - Location: Southamerica/Suriname
Young House Music productions team bringing house music into the country of Suriname, they are known by the genres: Progressive House, Dutch House, Progressive Trance and Many More. This team was started on Februari 16th 2011 by Issiah Roberts and Co-Owner Thierry Gans.

alek acero - House - Location: antananarivo, Madagascar
Hi! Alek Acero is a Housy project for dancefloors and beach parties....Positive sound for happy people! Just listen to my tracks and have fun! House Music !! Peace!

Alex Einz - House - Location: Tokyo , Japan
Started working on music at about 15,originally wrote goa trance as collaboration with other artists and released tracks as Future Navigators Later started to dj techno and gradually moved to House scene in Israel where started a House Duo named Decolt'e. Decolt'e has a signed contract with Bumpin city(chicago) but havent released any tracks on that label due to labels financial problems. I...

basicmethods - House - Location: france
share all music. traxx are licensed and protected under Common creative license. No business with music before contact us.

Bren R - House
Bren R, Is one of the top Dj's playing on the local club seen in his home town of Harare, Zimbabwe. Being so close tothe border of South Africa, he has played around the Cape Town club scene. Bren R style of music is mainly Electro House, House, Dance.. All new tracks can be found at

Cabo - House

Calvin Fallo - House - Location: Nellmapius, Pretoria

Chris Burke - House - Location: Wycombe
Download more songs at my soundcloud page:

DJ Ahmed - House - Location: cairo, egypt
I'm not gonna write a biography :P rather my interests, i love making songs from tribal house and electro house to techno, trance and dance! l like to listen to music in my free time..... and while im working and wile sleeping I LIKE TO LISTEN TO MUSIC ALLL THE TIMEE!!!! I LOVE MUSIC

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