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BILL SKAGGS - Christian Country - Location: TEXAS

Bill Steely - Christian Country - Location: Whitesburg, GA

Billy G Blythe - Alternative Country - Location: St Annes, Lancashire, UK
From the small steps of a small town, from folk to country to acoustic rock, Billy started out as Don Brooks, but has returned to his name and roots. Influenced by the likes of Don Williams, Garth Brooks, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and John Cougar Mellancamp, he has taken his music to levels that many friends and family never thought possible. Compared to the songwriting talents of Dylan an...

Bob Chambers - Country - Location: East Sussex, U.K. You can download all the tracks from the album "Shortcut to Nashville" from my website. You don't need to "join" or "sign-up" to anything, you don't need to buy $5.00 of credits, there is no minimum purchase. Buy just one track, or the whole album...

Bob Pigott - Country - Location: Australia
This Australian singer-songwriter’s rich vocals and gift for storytelling is a common bridge between country and folk. His original blend of smart, acoustic rhythms and poetic lyrics has a broad appeal that transcends genre. Bob Pigott combines the mellow sounds of vocals, guitar, and piano with story telling about everyday living, warts and all. His attention to words sets him apart from many...

Bob Wisenor - Country - Location: Pittsburgh, Pa.
BOB WISENOR After years of success as a singer/songwriter and mangaing his own rock band that with lack of a better last name would be his namesake. He proudly fronts, Regulation Planet and has opened for all the huge Rock Bands that have passed thru Pittsburgh (Bon Jovi twice - Motley Crue twice - Def Leppard twice ...

Bobby Hayes - Country - Location: Castalian Springs TN
Bobby was born and raised in the heart of Country Music USA. Bobby was influenced by country greats such as George Strait and Alan Jackson just to name a few. Feel free to post comments as much as you would like. And thank you for listening.

Brett Hill - Christian Country - Location: Fort Worth, Texas or

Callaghan - Country - Location: London
Check out the official website at: With over 35,000 Myspace fans, including U2, Keith Urban and Shania Twain, ( Callaghan is proving to be a big hit in both Europe and the States. Callaghan has recently finished a tour of Nashville performing in some of the most prestigous and well-loved venues in Music City. After the over-whelming re...

Carla SUe - Country
Carla Sue" is no stranger to country music,playing with such greats as: Norma Jean,Tillman Franks,David Houston,Bill Phillips,Doug Mounts, and even the legendary 'Roy Acuff",just to mention a few! Carla Sue's roots are in the Arkansas Hills.She grew up singing the 'old time' gospel with her grandparents,and then as a teen with her Mom & Step-Dad. She was singing on programs with the greats a...

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