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Bianca M Unique - Christian - Location: GA
Bianca M. Broyles, Founder and President of “It’s My Own Record” Bianca M. Broyles is a thirty-nine year young songwriter from Germany, with more than one hundred songs across 6 genres and a very moving Christian musical. Never being taught how to play an instrument, she decided to teach herself how to play the piano. After waking up one ...

BIG BLUE PLANETP - Christian Rock - Location: Greenville/Spartanburg, SC
BIG BLUE PLANET would LOVE to play your church, club, coffeehouse, or outdoor festival Please call240)367-0568

BILL SKAGGS - Christian Country - Location: TEXAS

Bill Steely - Christian Country - Location: Whitesburg, GA

Binky and the Misfit Mimes - Christian - Location: Rockford, IL
If Tracy Chapman and Enya had a secret love child who grew up to be devoted to Jesus, but didn't see much Life in today's churches... Binky and the Misfit Mimes ( was born of a desire to worship Jesus fully with heart, soul, and mind--and finding it impossible to do so within the confines of stagnant worship committees, stuffy elder boards, and clueless youth!! leaders!! ...

Bloodscrubbed - Christian Rock - Location: Detroit,Michigan
From the orginal punk scene in Detroit,out of those dusty ashes,you have....Bloodscrubbed,a Christian Alternative band. New poetry in Motion....soundscapes.....and next up our long awaited....CD.....

Brett Hill - Christian Country - Location: Fort Worth, Texas or

Carla Mae - Christian - Location: Harrah, Washington

Cassandra Sterling - Christian Pop

Chalandon - Christian HipHop - Location: Indiana
I'm Just a Humble servent of our Lord Jesus Christ trying to spead the gospel through anointed music. The single "Life is a Process" is Available now in online stores itunes,,,, Emusic. Follow Me on twitter and

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