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A Beautiful Decay - Alternative - Location: San Fernando
This band was formed because: Most people now a days judge things based on the face and not the depth. Truth is trampled while the over processed garbage is fed to the people. An artists is not an artist when they just package something designed to be sold and not products of their feelings, thoughts or opinions. Greed for cash perverts pure art as it restraints art to the needs of the possible...

A Dog Returneth - Alternative - Location: Northern Michigan
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A Social State - Alternative - Location: Scranton, PA
Get 4 FREE DOWNLOADS at… Enjoy! A Social State is a five piece alternative/rock band from Scranton, PA. To find out more visit: FACEBOOK MYSPACE YOUTUBE TWITTER

AbraKadabrA - Alternative - Location: Akron Ohio
AbraKadabrA is AlternaPunkRock in Akron Ohio. We're so original we had to create our own music genre. 2 Hot chicks, Majenta Majik-FXGuitar Kelley-Bass help BillTheReptile-Guitar God front this powerhouse of sound with Wood Rockin' out on the drums all night long!!! BillTheReptile, Wood and Majenta meet in Asheville NC and formed the band Hocus Pocus in the spring of 2000. Wantin...

Aches - Alternative - Location: Rockland County, New York

Adriana Sky - Alternative - Location: Harrisburg, PA

aether - Alternative - Location: columbus, oh
aether (pronounced like "ether") brings the background in music to the foreground: voice, guitar, bass, and drums blend with keys and samples; minimalist harmonies develop into large orchestrations; somber hooks repeat over pulsing rhythms. The result is an exquisite sonic landscape that is not just atmospheric, but rocks. At live performances, video loops are projected behind the band, collage...

afterthem - Alternative - Location: East Brunswick,NJ
Alternative Rock influenced by Frank Zappa...Primus...Chili Peppers...Mister Bungle... New cd at !! 18 songs for 12.97 (download for 7.99)

Agnès Milewski - Alternative - Location: Austria
Agnes Milewski plays the piano, sings, writes the songs. Jonas Petersen plays the violin, writes the string arrangements. Agnes Dinhobl plays the cello. for more information please visitès_Milewski

Ai Shahar - Alternative - Location: Bellingham, WA

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